Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lost Loo Roll, Bus Works and Kong Hee Fat Choy

Out with Bella this morning, Easy Rider came over the brow of the hill just as I was photographing the TV relay mast on the skyline.
It was a bright - if cool - morning. 
I never expected to find an unused roll of toilet paper abandoned among these sprouting daffodil shoots. 
Work is proceeding on two out of the three bus stops tagged with "FP" - the roadworks are to bring electricity to them  so I guess that this might be to do with providing electronic bus information displays. The reason for the single bollard is less clear…
We set off once again for Dynasty in Bristol, picking up a friend on the way. 
It being Chinese New Year, the restaurant was visited by a pair of dragons accompanied by much banging of drum and clashing of cymbals.
The energetic and unruly dragons circulated around the restaurant for the next half an hour, "swallowing" some diners and giving sweets to children
Good luck to be with a dragon. 
We saw mainly the yellow dragon in our section of the restaurant - lots of dashing about and constant noise!
Look out, there's a dragon behind you! 
After that, we wandered round the Chinese supermarket downstairs where Su found this confusingly labelled delicacy (it's made from tofu, not fish…) 
Dropped into our friend's for a coffee on the way home - big skies where she lives. 
Back in time to take Bella out for a stroll under a crescent moon. 
This day a year ago, it was a glorious day and we went across to the Littleton on Severn. This was on our way out of Bath looking across in that direction. 

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