Monday, 17 February 2014

Hong Kong Update Part 1

Our first day off teaching in a week, so a chance to catch up with some more views of what life is like being in Hong Kong on this trip. I've got so many photos that I'll split this over two days - so Part 2 tomorrow. This photo on the morning of February 15th shows the one heart-shaped balloon  that managed to escape being removed after all the romantic diners in the hotel restaurant had gone. The restaurant had been festooned with them the night before, while the resident singer crooned away lurve songs.
Saturday, we were back teaching at the college and admiring this new load of bamboo scaffolding being put up.
In the college, there were literally hundreds of school children involved in a bridge-building competition with balsa wood and glue. 
Upstairs another leftover from Valentine's Day. 
Back at the  hotel after teaching, the posh car of the day was an Aston Martin - pity they couldn't get a sharper numberplate:-) 
Back to the college on Sunday, and a very empty central courtyard except for the sound of pneumatic drills
 I always suspected that t here was a Coca Cola system - here they admit it!
Went out last night and ate in curry caff in Chungking Mansions - delicious food and a change after 10 days of mainly yummy Chinese food. 
Spotted this dog in knitted coat in one of the arcade of shops.
Today after a longer sleep, I took myself off across the harbour onto Hong Kong island. This tower stood out in the hazy light.
This church-like structure rather dwarfed by the towering buildings all around it. 
Went to queue for the tram up to the Peak - the exhibition to keep us calm while we waited was quite interesting.
Here comes the tram! It's actually more like a funicular railway as it's pulled up by a cable under the tracks. 
At the top, this was the view down. 
Up at the peak, spotted this euphemistic sign for "place to tie your dog up" 
Went to a Vietnames cafe that Su and I visited before and had a lovely mango and prawn salad… 
Plus Summer rolls - which were also delicious - along with a pot of Vietnamese tea. What a treat!
After that, it was off to the viewing platform at the top of the shopping plaza. The skies were clearer at the Peak for a while - and the clouds were below the top of some of the skyscrapers. HK is so built up! 
Looking down at the tram line shows what a climb it does. 
Looking out to the south of the island to Aberdeen and Lamma in the distance. 
Coming down from the Peak on the tram, we sat facing backwards and it felt a bit steep.  Only when passing these buildings did I realise quite how steep!
Adjusting for the vertical hold...
After that I took myself off to the Zoological and Botanical gardens, where I saw this stand of enormous bamboo.
Orchids at the entrance to the greenhouse (built over a busy road - the whole gardens is surrounded by roads and I was never away from the sound of traffic).
Flamingos in one of the aviaries. 
As well as roads, the gardens are surrounded by tall buildings. 
I will resume my blogging decription tomorrow with tales of the rest of my day off in Hong Kong...

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