Friday, 7 February 2014

Mega-post from Hong Kong

Landed in Hong Kong yesterday and staved off sleep as long as possible, firstly by looking around the hotel - this the view of the atrium from the glass-sided lifts.
Then went for a walk along the harbourside - looking across to Hong Kong island 
An opportunity to refresh my collection of HK notices… 

I'm really doing my best to comply with this request… 
Public health initiative. 
Twinned with Glastonbury… 
Went out for a lovely meal with Prakash (with whom I'm teaching) and Bernadette (P's wife).
Spotted on the way back to the hotel. 
Then crashed out until about quarter to five this morning HK time - my body clock is going to take a while to settle down. At least I got to see what empty streets look like! 
This morning after breakfast went for a walk along the harbourside, past the famous Peninsula hotel. 
More signs found today - beware of the pedestrians! 
This is the Flying Frenchman… 
A fresh display of lanterns for Chinese New Year 
Accompanied by an inevitable sign… 
Looking across to Hong Kong island, clouds obscuring parts of the skyline. 
I was down there to catch the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong island - loved this combination of cloud and reflected sunlight as I looked back at Kowloon.
Got off the Star Ferry and went along to Pier 4 to catch a ferry to the island of Lamma. Whilr I waited, I was taken by this poster about running out of landfill.
The queue to get on the boat. 
After about half an hour, we docked at Yung Shue Wan on the north west of the island.
Lots of decorations still up from Chinese New Year. 
This was the major appeal of going to Lamma - no cars and not too many people once the ferry emptied out.
 Last pedestrain to?
A shrine by the side of the path to So Kwu Wan, where I headed for.
I love the way that everything gets catalogued in Hong Kong - even slopes have a unique identifier.
Convulvulus flowers (AKA purple bindweeed). 
Got to a beach and sat on the rocks in the sunshine - 22º according to the display I saw. It was lovely. 
More signs 
This was the downside of the beach, looking northwards. It was clean and very uncrowded, so that helped my enjoyment!
Yet another sign - don't worry, hardly ever any sharks seen (and they are much less dangerous than cars and other human phenomena)! 
A total prohibition zone… 
Hibiscus flowers. 
Mind the rock! 
Bougainvillea flowers.
Passed this plaque, which is hard to read, but basically it says that … 
…this is purported to be a "kamikaze cave" where Japanese troops in WWII were said to have hidden speedboats in case of an Allied invasion.
Several of these along the path. Don't know what Bella would make of these dog latrines…
A good example of bamboo used as a scaffolding material. 
More flowers - quite a contrast to each other! 
Even the trees are numbered! 
A sign asking cyclists to dismount and push on weekends and holidays! 
A temple at So Kwu Wan.
I'd spent a couple of hours getting there - missed the ferry back by a few minutes, so had to have a beer and lunch in one of the many seafood restaurants. After paying, I did a double take with the name of this skin whitening compound! 
Waiting for the next ferry back, looking across to the south of Hong Kong island.
Tomorrow, we start teaching - 10 out of the next 12 days, so not likely to be much more from me for a while, so it's back over to the lovely Su for blog duties.

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