Friday, 21 February 2014

From Built Up Hong Kong to a Riot of Spring Flowers

A look back at the last few days in Hong Kong. This was the table at a Peking restaurant when we had dinner with Wai and Shi, friends of Prakash & Bernie's daughter.

Pretty flowers on the way back to the college from the shops on the housing estate. 
Another posh car back at the hotel - a Ferrari. Just the car to sit in Hong Kong traffic jams :-)
Didn't just eat Chinese food in Hong Kong - found a very tasty vegetarian Indian cafe in a warren of a place at Chungking Mansions

Spotted at the shops opposite the college, a range of magazines form revolutionary posing to Chinese opera. 
No messing - a fixed fine! 
Looking over to the cranes of the container port between the residential flats and the bridge across to Lantau. 
Bamboo scaffolding being put up. 
Residual New Year decorations lit up.  
My last meal in Hong Kong - tofu, fish and mushrooms. Very tasty indeed! 
Back at the hotel - an unusual numberplate! 
Next morning, the clearest sky I'd seen in all my time in Hong Kong - just as I was leaving for the airport.
Some striking buildings on the way. 
Lots of building going on in Hong Kong, which is already the most densely populated place on the planet.
Closer to the container port cranes. 
At the airport, I liked this TV viewing area for little people. 
Looking out at the planes. 
Up in the air over Hong Kong. 
Up, up and away… 
Flying into the sunset as we approached the UK. 
A lid of cloud over London. 
After a slow coach ride from reading to London and a very busy train to Bath, very happy to see Su at the station. This morning, the sun shone and we went off to The Shed for breakfast. Never seen dirty parsnips advertised for sale before.
After the sun, some rain, and then this rainbow at the back of the house. 
Rain on and off throughout the early part of the afternoon - then the sun came out and gave this design on our hall wall through the stained glass window.
These sprouting mosses continue to do very well. 
Lichen on the top of a post. 
The afternoon was sunny and bright, if a little cool. 
Lots of snowdrops on display. 
Catkins have appeared in profusion during my time in Hong Kong. 
It's frog and toad mating migration time - with the amount of rain we've had, they probably have no need to come down off the hill in search of ponds to hook up with each other.
Primroses in abundance at the Charlcombe churchyard. 
Blossom time.
A plethora of snowdrops in the graveyard. 
Got home just before the rain came back and have just enjoyed seeing Wales beat France comprehensively in the Six Nations rugby tournament.

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