Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Silver Wedding Flowers, Hailstorm and Toad Alert

A cloudy and fresh start to the day.
I liked the way the sun shone on the trunks of these trees. 
More promising blue skies looking eastwards. 
An abandoned woolly hat on this drain cover - retrieved and hung up for the owner to find… 
Just as I was heading off to UWE for a dissertation progress review meeting, the skies opened and we had a hailstorm. 
Later on the sun reappeared and made these chimneys gleam. 
On the way home, I spotted this sign at the top of Charlcombe Lane - it doesn't stop all the traffic going down, but I haven't seen any squashed toads there.
Today is our silver wedding anniversary - Ben & Lena sent us this lovely bunch of flowers to mark the day. 
This day a year ago, I spotted this Chinese lantern with Chinese writing on… 

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