Monday, 24 February 2014

Sunshine, Gambling History and Flowers

Wet early on, but by the time I went out around midday the sun was shining and there was blue sky behind the clouds.
Little Solsbury looking good with big clouds over it.
I caught the bus (got to get use out of my bus pass!) down into town on a secret mission…
 Looking down a side street in the sunshine.
Betting shop in a Georgian building - quite appropriate seeing as Bath was the gambling capital of its day (a Georgian equivalent of Las Vegas).
Later on, when it was time for Bella's afternoon walk, the sun make this striking pattern on our hall wall through our stained glass window.
I liked the spreading branches on this tree.
The first little jonquils I have seen - getting ready for St David's day on Saturday.
Big clouds over Little Solsbury with more blue sky.
This day a year ago, I enjoyed looking at our lovely specimens of hellebore in the back garden.

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