Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bella and the rainbow

So he's gone to Hong Kong and left me to do the blog for a couple of weeks...hope I can find enough to keep your interest as here in the UK it's wall to wall rain and floods! And the occasional rainbow.

Bella insisted on being featured so here are a few pics to keep her happy....

As canines are generally indifferent to a downpour, and this is particularly true of labradors, we set off with the camera and a brolly.  We walked down a street called Perfect View because it has fabulous views of the city (in the winter as in the summer the trees obscure everything apart from where there are gaps).  I took a few pics but it was so murky only a couple are worth looking at. The first one has the River Avon running across the middle but it doesn't show how it's burst its banks.

Despite the weather there are signs of Spring with these daffodils nearly in bloom!

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