Friday, 14 February 2014

Going to Work at IVE in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong Part 1

Cityscape on the way to the college in the little bus we catch from the MTR subway system.
More residential flats. 
The college is covered with various motivational sayings and slogans - here's SMART. 
Looking the other way, it is at least within sight of greenery in this direction. Other views will be shown today and tomorrow. 
Inside the complex there is a courtyard with some greenery, and lots of concrete 
I wasn't thinking of it! 
Prakash having a cigarette break in between lectures and looking pensive. 
Another view from just outside the college 
They have this plane on show at one of the college entrances 
On the MTR going back to the hotel, a lot of signage to take in as you get on the escalator. 
Found this - after being kicked out of Bath as MP, he came to Hong Kong before going to the BBC. 
Just like the UK - well, we are talking about privacy and surveillance quite a bit to the students. 
On the way to catch the bus back to the hotel, spotted this sign by the flats. You have to tell your dog to hold on until Block 12 - don't know how Bella would do... 
The flats are being renovated, and are covered up and festooned with bamboo scaffolding. 
By the bus stop, flowers and fountain. 
Opposite the bus stop at the bottom of one of the clad tower blocks a Baptist church in a shop space.
My room is near the fronds of the lower palm tree. 
This is the bus we catch to the college - they have a fleet of these 16-seaters doing a circular route all day.
At the college, workers removing great bundles of bamboo scaffolding. 
A panorama outside the lecture theatre we have been in for the last three mornings - from the college to the flats to the container terminal.
Spotted on a noticeboard - let dogs feel warm and loved again.
At the hotel - an expensive car. 
Yet another sign 
There will be more photos tomorrow. Su will return on Sunday, when the UK weather is forecast to be better.  It's starting to brighten up and get a little warmer here too!

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