Saturday, 15 February 2014

Going to Work at IVE in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong Part 2

When not going on the MTR and bus to teach at IVE, Prakash, Bernadette (his wife who is with him on this trip) and I are often to be found in search of an evening meal. The other night - after nearly a week's worth of (lovely) Chinese food, we went to this bar on Hong Kong island - Slim's.
The choice of food there is not Chinese, nor vegetarian. All the burgers are named after blues guitarists - and the only music played was blues. 
While waiting for your food to be freshly cooked, you are given a basket of monkey nuts to go with your drinks. The shells just get dropped on the floor, so it is littered with crunchiness.
The food arrived - I had the Stevie Ray Vaughan and it was tasty indeed. Very filling after a week of not eating potatoes or much bread!
The next day, back at the college by the flats spotted this excellent collection of prohibitions. 
Mind you, I guess you could put this in UK supermarkets as well… 
A gastronomic novelty spied in the freezer cabinet. 
The flats are all clad with coverings because of this renovation scheme. 
On the MTR coming back to the hotel - that skateboard is really a scooter! 
Outside the hotel, another expensive car with a personalised numberplate. 
Spotted this junk sailing past as I got back into my room.
Later on, went out locally for a bite to eat and enjoyed the lit up decorations still up from Chinese New Year. 
Great big displays. 
Year of the Horse images proliferate (so not sure what the duck was about!). 
Got snapped in front of this fountain. 
One of the dishes we had - tasty indeed. 
On the way back to the hotel, this very calm and well-fed cat was holding pride of place in this shop. 
Back at the hotel, yet another expensive car with personalised plates. 
The next day, the skies actually brightened up a bit - promising as it has been cold and wet.  Still quite cold, although it is meant to warm up over the next few days. 
Where we have been for the last three mornings. 
Split level water fountains. 
We were taken out for lunch by the college - I managed to eat red date jelly with chopsticks, but it was a definite challenge! 
By the bus stop at the college, waiting to get back to catch the MTR. 
More teaching tomorrow, Monday off (after 6 days straight teaching) then two more days teaching before catching the plane back to the UK on Thursday. I'll hand back over to Su to do the blog until Monday, when I hope to have some more to show about my trip.

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