Saturday, 1 February 2014

Blue Skies, Trees, Flowers and a Manhole Cover

A lovely bright morning with blue skies.
I liked this reflection of the sunlight from its wing mirror onto the bonnet of this old Morris Minor. 
The sunlight makes the bare trees look splendid. 
Little Solsbury in the sunshine. 
We paid a return visit to The Shed, this time to have breakfast and coffee and enjoy the ambience. We'll be back. 
A spotting of the grocer's apostrophe… 
All the carved wooden statues are still around but all behind a locked gate… 
This row of silver birches by the road looked magnificent in the sunshine. 
Then we took off via Bradford-on-Avon to Middle Stoke and had a walk up and down. Great name for a house. 
I loved this hexagonal manhole cover. 
Back home after driving through some heavy rain to find the sun shining through our stained glass window in the hallway. 
Out with Bella this afternoon into the sunshine, and spotting my first big clump of snowdrops this year. 
Quite a few of these markings on the road - time will tell what they're for, but I suspect more digging up of roads and pavements will be involved.
A whole hedge of these flowers has come out. 
I should have known that the weather wouldn't hold when I was out with Bella - the skies darkened, the wind whipped up to lash me with the rain it brought - joy! 
Pretty colours from pollution. 
This day a year ago, I also saw my first snowdrops of the year - maybe they have February 1st set on their biological clocks…

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