Monday, 20 September 2010

First Step

We have to start somewhere, and this is it! We have resolved to do at least one new thing each week to get used to the idea, the feeling and the practice of change as a  first step.  This is our first blog together...


  1. A great idea. I think it's particularly good to develop this practice at times when unwelcome changes are forced upon one. The self chosen changes reinforce a sense of control and give one strength to deal with those that are forced upon one.

  2. I have not seen Marcus for many years and have never met Su, though Marcus writes consistently nice things in our sporadic emails. So I would really like it if:
    + Marcus could describe Su
    + Su could describe Marcus
    so I can get some sort of feel of how you see yourselves and some context for the changes you're exploring.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog as you talk about some of the day to day things we sometimes miss on the phone - it's gives a texture to your lives that's lovely to read about.

    PS - the photos from Greece look amazing