Friday, 24 September 2010

Thinking about change is tricky…

… when you're full of aches and pains, attend meetings that you aren't really keen on being at, do a job that has been abolished (but not just yet) and the sun isn't shining!.

So I started taking photographs of the view from my desk at home, and started thinking that they aren't good enough for the blog. Then the lovely s Su said that's what I should write about. In a comment on an earlier post, Greg asked for me to describe Su, and for Su to describe me to give him some context for our plans for change.  Su is great - full of energy and verve and always keen to find out what's round the next corner, while I'm a grumpy old fart :-)!!!

So, my photograph for today is not the view out of the window, but where we were last Thursday evening (looking at the mosque at Rethymnon Fortezza)

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