Monday, 27 September 2010

My family

So far I've not mentioned other members of family as needed to get the ok from them. They are all happy to be introduced to the www so here goes. First of all there's Ben - my son from first marriage but firmly bonded with M his step-father. Ben is 39 years old and has been married to Lena for just over a year now. They live in Birmingham - I know, it's a shame but someone's got to live there I suppose - but are also hatching escape plans of their own thank goodness! Ben is a teacher and Lena a researcher. They have two cats. Then there is Daniel, our nephew (son of my sister, Di). Dan is 30, single, a complete computer nerd (self-confessed) but great fun and absolutely adorable. Di is my big sister, still works full-time for a charity and lives in the same village as Dan. My brother, also older than me, lives in Oregon and writes/plays/records music, grows his own veg and, I'm pleased to see, following this blog! I also have a couple of old aunts, cousins, etc. but not really in touch any more. I'll let Marcus tell you about his "new" family....we've only known them for a few months and they are all lovely. So that's the clan....not many of us but we get along - mostly!
The pics are the happy couple and Dan...aren't they lovely!

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