Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Late posting today...

First full day of teaching back at the degree factory today, and the usual mix of technology missing (like speaker cables) or not working well (lots of login problems) and students not knowing how to read a timetable to be in the right place at the right time.

The best thing was trying to show a bit of a film in Moving Image Technology lecture in nice new refurbished lecture.  The control panel has a setting that says "Off" for the lights (a good idea when showing film content) - the only problem was that they only went off for about 5 seconds, after which they faded up again.  So, I stood by the control panel pressing the "off" setting repeatedly for a while, but not the best of conditions for students to absorb content!  I hope that our technical people will sort this out by next week's lecture, as it left me feeling like this:-

Very work-focused today, as I have had do some more this evening (my Head of Department has had to go off for a few days, which falls on me as his Deputy to cover, so the next week should be fun:-)!)

Still, it is nice to be back and catching up with colleagues I've not seen for months, and the place does feel a lot more energised with students surging back and forth, rather than the empty corridors of Summer.

Time now for a cup of tea and put the computer to bed for the night...

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