Sunday, 26 September 2010

The best laid plans...

On Friday, we saw the excellent Argentinean film "The Secret In Their Eyes" (winner of the 2010 Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Filmat our local independent cinema. The Little Theatre in Bath. While we were there, we bought tickets to see "Winter's Bone" the following evening - again a highly recommended film.

So, we set off yesterday to drive down into Bath to catch the film - and what we caught was  a traffic jam that seemed to snarl up the whole of the centre of Bath.  Deciding to cut our losses (as we were clearly not going to get there in time), we escaped the snarled-up traffic and drove through the evening sunshine up round by Bath racecourse and came home the long way round.

Su made some goat's cheese on French bread which, with some olives and a glass of wine, served as our accompaniment to a DVD from LoveFilm called "I Love You, Philip Morris", with Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor.  A film about a gay romance with a better performance from McGregor than the Star Wars prequel he was in, and Jim Carey playing Jim Carey.  So we got to the cinema after all!

Yesterday and this morning I did some of that painting that Su was moaning about the other day, but there's more to come!

We are off to Westonbirt (the national arboretum, just up the road) soon with Bella and another two little dogs from the house where Su works.  This is a regular haunt of ours, and amazing in Autumn. Blow some of my cobwebs away.

Still thinking and talking about changing our lives - need to think both what we will do with ourselves for fun and/or money and where we might do those things.  Warmer than the UK is a continuing definite criterion (unless Red Ed can make the sun shine all year round under Definitely Not New Labour:-)!),  hence our looking at Spain & Portugal and/or Italy and/or more of Greece next Summer.

It is Open Mic night down at St James Wine Vaults tonight.  I keep threatening to go and do a solo spot (the band, "Left At The Lights" are temporarily in abeyance as our electric mandolin player will be going to hospital for an operation soon) - so I'll shake off aches and pains and excuses and thoughts of work and go and croak tonight, maybe!

Today's photograph is of the view from my home office/spare room window, as it is a better light and a better time of day than before. 

Green trees, green fields and some blue sky at the moment

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