Tuesday, 21 September 2010

There's another blog I look at daily - Symidream.com. I suppose it's what inspired me to imagine it's possible to make dramatic changes without the world coming to an end! If you've ever been to Symi you'll understand why the writer and his partner decided to live their dream. It's a beautiful Greek island close to Rhodes with no airport so getting there is a bit of an effort. We've had a couple of holidays there - perfect place to unwind - but could I live there permanently? Would like to try!! We've just got back from two weeks driving round Crete......wish I was still there....or somewhere else warm. The pic was taken in southern Crete. We drove down from the mountains and stopped here for a coffee before heading off to find a beach and a swim......
But today more mundane issues to address...the car is stuck in a garage on other side of the city so at some point I have to face getting two buses to collect it. Decided to tackle domestic jobs I'd rather Marcus did i.e. painting a wall, oiling the new doors and table, painting inside the chimney breast (the one where the woodburning stove is installed) and of course there's the gardens and allotment to see to. Will make a list.
The sun has just come out, the temperature is rising and promises to be a good day.

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