Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Yesterday met up with old friend Patsi for lunch in Bristol. Had the best chips I've ever tasted! It was lovely to catch up and of course swap "health" stories which seems to be what everyone over 60 does! My car is now fixed - £200 - ouch!

Wednesdays is "two-for-one" cinema offer plus Marcus had a "two-for-one" Pizza Express voucher so we thought we'd make a night of you can see we know how to have a good time! I had pasta which was surprisingly good and M had a salad (he's weight-watching which I don't think he's mentioned in this blog yet - oops, was it a secret?) We then went to see "Certified Copy" but it was so boring we both fell asleep.

Today I'm going to start reading my Open University course stuff. I've created a space for myself in our bedroom which looks very efficient and inviting....just hope it works. My problem is not being able concentrate in a sitting position for long periods of time so studying has always been difficult....but the books they've sent me look interesting....lots of pretty pictures (I'm doing Art AA100 foundation course which looked the easiest).

Meanwhile have started researching the "escape plans" for next year. We're going away for 4 or 5 far we've decided on driving/getting train round Spain and Portugal but that could change! I'd like to see Alaska.

Pics today are Randall keeping an eye on things from top of shed and a view from village in Crete where you can find the oldest olive tree....

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