Friday, 24 September 2010

Until I slipped a few discs in my back last year I was earning my keep as a gardener. I've kept one customer as she's very kindly employed two other gardeners to do all the work which I now supervise!
Today's pics show our own raised beds which occupy pride of place in the front garden for all the world to see. This is their first year and I'm so pleased with results. We had our first crops from April (cut and come again lettuce leaves) followed by carrots, spring onions, beetroot, rocket, radishes and tomatoes in abundance. The toms are still producing and I've replanted with leeks and more carrots and beetroot. There's also a rather nice salad leaf growing but I can't remember the name and I've chucked the packet.
I've had to put lots of sticks in the soil to deter all the local cats that think it's a handy cat tray. Was hoping Bella would see them off but she just sits and watches??????

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