Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Skies Brighten

A grey start to the morning, with some light drizzle. Didn't stop these foxgloves looking magnificent.
Blackberry flowers are now out in profusion, and the bees are happily visiting them all. 
 These campanula were still dripping with raindrops.
Had the joy of shopping before lunch - by the time I took Bella out for her afternoon walk, the skies had started to clear and the sun came out.
Looking south over Bath from Perfect View. 
Spotted this on a van - not quite sure exactly which craft is being depicted in the logo? 
"M" should be very happy at this declaration of affection found on the pavement. 
The change in the weather bodes well for events this weekend - what a change from last year's washouts. 
 Honeysuckle coming out, and smelling wonderful.
Spotted on a lamp post on our road, this refers to the public toilets in Larkhall village about a mile away. Not sure what will be happening on the Guildhall steps next week - the mind boggles!
3rd July last year, I took this photograph of our garden during a lull in the rain.
Su's news story of the day will return tomorrow. I'm out tonight with Bob and Frank as Left At The Lights play the open mic night at the Somerville Club in Bristol- report tomorrow.

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