Sunday, 21 July 2013

Grauniad Mistake and Bath in the Sunshine

Not sunny first thing today, which made for better photographs of the abundant flowers. Spotted these evening primroses for the first time this year.
Two colours of mallow. 
A sharon rose resplendent 
Bindweed flower. 
We went down into town to go and see a preview showing of a film (tickets arranged through the Guardian newspaper). Have never truly appreciated the crest and little cherub statue above the wacky Japanese shop before. 
Got to the Little Theatre, only to find that the Guardian had cocked it up and published the wrong day for the showing which was actually yesterday. The Little Theatre sraff were most apologetic and gave us complimentary tickets for any other film of our choice! So we were footloose and fancy free in Bath on a sunny Sunday. Wandered past the Abbey. 
Ended up in the park down stream from Pulteney Bridge and the weir.
Boat moored in protest about the proposed closure of Newark Works downstream, site of crane-makers, Stother & Pitt, for many years
Statue of Prince Bladud and one of his pigs. 
 Gnomic letters arrangement.
Vaults underneath the road bridge across the river. 
Looking back across to the Abbey.
An interesting display in the park. 
Good name for an off-licence. 
After a delicious lunch at Demuth's vegetarian restuarant, we went round to the Victoria Art Gallery, to be asked to pay an entrance fee despite what is written on the windows all around it. Apparently the council cut the budget so the museum started charging when the last exhibition began - just not got around to changing their signage yet…
This afternoon, we have been tackling our fencing, which has only been patched from storm damage for the last 15 months! This means that we have the illusion of a double width garden for a few days:-)
This day a year ago, spotted this alium head like a giant dandelion. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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