Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Onward to Shropshire

A slow start to blog postings for July. After camping in the Clent Hills, we motored on up through Shropshire. Stoppped for some lunch at this salubrious establishment.
Just outside Gobowen, we were struck by this barn and tower.  Took Bella for a walk in the fields around it. 
Of course she managed to find a green tennis ball in a field of grass!
We went to see our friends, Nikki and Elaine, who live on the canal outside Gobowen. The summer season has started with quite a few boats going past. 
We worked out that we haven't seen them for fifteen years or so - here's Elaine pouring a drink to celebrate our reunion.
Nikki doing his bloated plutocrat impression. Apart from sleeping, we talked non-stop all the time we were there, so no time for blogging!
Drove home through Shropshire, Hereford, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire countryside - some beautiful scenery. Stopped for lunch at a pub in Ludlow, with this old contraption in the car park. 
Apparently, it's not a steam engine but a cooker of sorts. 
Went for a walk along the river Teme, with magnificently renovated weirs. 
 A quiet backwater.
On the way back to the van saw these dragons - thought at first it might have been a Chinese restaurant, until I remembered our proximity to Wales. 
 Back at home, our corner shop is being very generous:-)
With the forecast spell of good weather our grapelets should do very well. 
The bees love these plants. 
This day on 1st July last year, I was struck by this cloud formation. 
The rain returned the next day, and I found this snail halfway up a window. 
This day last year, I took the plunge and grasped the leaves of this plant to discover that it definitely wasn't a stinging nettle. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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