Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sunshine All Day

Last night's sunset promised another good day to come.
And so it proved - clear blue skies all day.  Spotted this interesting ventilation system for the hairy dog. 
Took a break from work in the garden to gaze up through our betula at the sky. 
Two damselflies settled on this leaf on next door's pond 
Su watered a friend's garden and I took Bella for a stroll down the Golf Course to Victoria Park. This mitten was abandoned on the fence.
The park had lots of people sunbathing, having picnics and barbecues, playing ball - and later getting ready for balloon launches.
Bella managed to put down her ball for a few seconds. 
This day last year, the rain returned - and helped this clematis look pretty.
Su's news story of the day (Independent ' website - click on the title for the full News Matrix): 
A nocturnal Australian parrot that hops like a kangaroo and had not been seen alive for more than a century has not only been spotted but photographed, according to a naturalist. The alleged sighting of the critically endangered Night Parrot occurred in May in Queensland.

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