Friday, 12 July 2013

Bath - Gig, Balloons and Skies

These purple flowers (now I'm not so sure that they are actually loosestrife), are doing very well and are much loved by the bees.
Went out this afternoon to get some more stones for our back garden project, driving along Lansdown Crescent on the way.
On Cavendish - opposite the golf course - we passed the extreme trifle car (something to do with rallying, I think from their web page).
Then it was off to Victoria Park, marked with this obelisk to commemorate Princess Victoria reaching her age of majority in 1837.
Had a drink in the park cafe and then wandered along to the bandstand to a very sparsely attended "Our Big Gig" - one of 330 such events around the country apparently (all funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government). There had been no publicity in advance - I only knew about it because of an email from my MP yesterday. It was a very low key affair with a few acts - Jez Broun opened proceedings with some tuneful guitar.
Next came Sam Evans and band.
Adam Lovell and friend.
The local MP, Don Foster, rushing to the stage. In his role as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the DCLG he claimed responsibility for the whole thing. This was followed by a "brief pause" that went on so long that we left.
Balloons taking off for evening flights as we left the park.
Walking down through the park gave us a good view of the gasometer.
Balloons passed right overhead.
Looking south across the river from the Lower Bristol Road.
Went for a meal at Yum Yum Thai, and came out to this lovely sky.
Back at the car park. we wondered what terrible crime had spurred this public confession.
This day a year ago, we had made it to Symi after sitting up all night at the International Hotel on Rhodes. This was the view from one of our windows at Sevasti Studios.
Su's news story of the day (Independent website - click on the title for the full story):

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