Saturday, 22 November 2014

Film Fest, Marking and a Tour of Somerset

Catching up on the last week, I realise that we've been quite busy one way or another. Last Sunday saw us walking down into town in the afternoon. Su told me this massive painting at the bottom of Walcot Street has been there since August.
We were on the way to see our first film in this year's Bath Film Festival at the Little Theatre - My Old Lady. A good cast and an enjoyable film.
Afterwards we went for a very pleasant drink at one of the two pubs in contention for the title of Bath's smallest pub.
Tuesday saw me at UWE to talk to project students and appreciating the unexpectedly sunny afternoon, complete with "Simpson's clouds".
Wednesday night we walked down to the Chapel Arts Centre to see Finding Fela, a long and riveting film well worth catching if it comes your way. Great music too!
Interesting light over Bath skyline as we walked back up the hill, Guessed it was the moon, rather than an alien invasion!
We were back at Chapel Arts Centre the next night for a double feature of science fiction films. The first, "Coherence" was a really good film that is again highly recommended!

The second feature, "Frequency" was based on an interesting idea but went on for too long and would have benefited from editing as tight as Coherence.
In between film-going, I have been marking assignment by first year Music Technology students at UWE. Today has been a day away from the virtual red pen. We went out for the afternoon, pausing to enjoy the loads of blossom on our autumn-flowering cherry.
We went to the Bath & West Showground to a Home Improvements show. Thought it might be useful when we do actually sell our house to release capital and move. Didn't stay there long, and then headed off to Wells - unexpectedly via Glastonbury due to a misplaced road sign -  but enjoyed the autumn colours and view of the tor. In the car park in Wells, we said "Oooh Yes!" to this numberplate.
In the Market Square, I enjoyed being reminded of this memorial to a champion long-jumper. Maybe I should collect Olympic memorials from around the country- all suggestions gratefully received!
Glimpsed through a shop window, interesting additions to the wall of the building.
It was a lovely afternoon, making Wells Cathedral glow in the sunshine.
One of the cloisters inside.
We read a few of the many wall plaques, including this one erected by a surviving son - talk about damning somebody with faint praise: "unambitious but uniform"!
Also a plaque dedicated to someone who died at the Battle of Waterloo.
We had a look at the outside of a house for sale in Wells. It's a possibility we'll not rule out - still some more to go and check out, though. Lovely skies at the end of the afternoon.
A golden glow lit up this church steeple.
Mackerel skies to finish the afternoon.
 This day a year ago,  it was a day of sunlight that finished with this spectacular sunset I saw when walking Bella down on Kensington Meadows.

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