Sunday, 16 November 2014

Film, Music, Lights and Cobwebs

Another few days to catch up on! On Wednesday we went down into town to try and see "Mr Turner" in the morning. That showing was sold out, so we bough tickets for the evening and had a spontaneous wander around town. In an arcade, I was much taken by the design of this bench - quite stylish for the U.K.!
I was much taken by this street performer, using a loop pedal and beatboxing, playing guitar & soprano saxophone and singing to great effect. His website has music for sale 
Continuing on the outdoor music theme, we sat in the Abbey Square and ate our lunchtime pies while listening to the classical guitar player who regularly plays there.
That evening we walked back down into town where we spotted this window display of Santa taking an "elfie"…
The lights had been switched on a couple of hours before we got there.Christmas 
We finally got to see the film - great performance by Timothy Spall - initially felt a bit let down by the film, but it is growing on me the more I think about it
Next day it was bright and beautifully clear.
A camper van with a stylish sunshade.
Made me think of the Big Brother commentary - 518,000 days in there doesn't bear thinking about!
Burning bush in the sunshine.
Went for a walk with Su later on and enjoyed lovely skies over Little Solsbury.
Yesterday was a very different day, with mist most of the day and spider's webs bejewelled everywhere.
More web.
 This day a year ago, we woke up to the most stunning sunrise - fiery skies all round

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