Monday, 30 January 2017

Glad to be alive and other things!

It's all very well having GRAND PLANS but nowadays the internet makes things happen so quickly i.e. booking flights, accommodation etc. it leaves a lot of time to cogitate and sometimes change ones mind!  Which is alarming so we try, and succeed most of the time, to get the cogitation part in before parting with any money.

But now we have another pesky spanner in the works.....had a bit of a health scare last week which may have put paid to the above mentioned plan.  Feelings about this range from relief that we're not stuck in the middle of the Aegean, and fed up (although we've had excellent health care in Greece in the past few years).  Trying to be positive and alternatives already being mooted as I write!! 

I would like to add at this point that we are exceedingly grateful to the NHS which literally saved my life and continues to offer support .... what superstars they all are.

We got back from our last trip to Symi at the end of October last year and since then we've not been up to much really apart from campaigning for a new lamppost (and succeeded!)

.......marched on a couple of demos (one about the NHS and one about refugees)

.......and a last minute trip to Malta

.....and I think we're off to another demo to show our antipathy to Mr T from the USA.

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