Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Catching up - a few recent photos…

We were in Bristol on Sunday by the river. This picture of Gromit navigating the boat is from an earlier visit for a Stop Bombing Aleppo protest.
Walking through Queen's Square, I noticed this tastefully decorated statue of King William (and finally realised that this statue is the reason why the Orange Order parade through there on the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne).
From a walk down to Bath one morning - lovely mist over the city. 
Winter frost making lovely patterns on this car bonnet
From a visit to Holt near Bradford on Avon 
Another Holt sight! 
Sun through our stained glass window on to the hall wall. 
Chew Valley Lake seagulls all lined up waiting for the remains of our fish and chips…
A chilly walk on Brean beach… 
A spontaneous visit to Painswick provided us with this unusual house name.
So to Bristol yesterday. As a diversion from immediately devouring dim sum, we walked by the river…
Along Welsh Back, noticed this memorial to merchant ships and mariners who died in World War II 
Gnomic graffiti 
More street art 
A cormorant/shag drying itself in the afternoon sun 
More art on the side of a waterside shed. 
Back home, successfully wrangled our TV recorder into submission!

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