Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Another walk round Bath

Nowadays we're either hiding indoors or getting out for an interesting walk! We think we pretty much know every inch of this small city but there are still surprises round every corner.  One of my favourite buildings is not too far from where we live but I doubt many tourists get to see it. It's now a private house. (Pictures all look on the dull and dark side because it was a dull and dark day!)

The river was running high and fast below the famous Pulteney Bridge.

We carried on along the towpath until we reached Widcombe where the canal, the road, the river and the railway line converge.

We were a bit hungry after our long hike and joy of joys we found a Chinese dumpling establishment
that has recently opened next door to the bus station. A dish of veggie steamed delights later, we had a short stroll to our bus (no.6/7) to take us back up the hill.

In case you are wondering what's happened to our escape plans, fear not. Everything's ticking along nicely and all will be revealed in the fullness of time!

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